Child Causes Major Water Damage

December 2, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

There are so many ways water damage can occur.  It’s always something slightly different, and some of it you couldn’t make up if you tried.  This particular job in the greater Lynchburg, VA area was caused by a child who accidentally clogged the bathroom sink upstairs and left the water running.  Of course it overflowed and ran through the floors and into the first story of the home.

SteamWay responded quickly and got the demolition and drying process started…

alta vista water damage

Water Damage Demo – Clean Lines

November 30, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

Keeping the work clean and tidy at water damage jobs.  Cutting clean lines looks professional, plus makes the job of our drywall expert a lot easier.

Demo_Forest job

Amherst Fire Restoration Update

November 19, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

More pictures from fire damage cleanup in Amherst, VA.  This fire started on deck outside the home and worked its way inside.

Amherst Fire Cleanup1 Amherst Fire Cleanup2 Amherst Fire Cleanup3 Amherst Fire Cleanup4 Amherst Fire Cleanup5

Tile Cleaning at the Design House

November 18, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

SteamWay recently had the opportunity to clean tile at The Design House on Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg.  This showcase house is on display to the public with all proceeds going to benefit the YWCA.  SteamWay’s role was to clean tile and grout in the kitchen and three bathrooms.

Design House Front design house kitche_dirty tile closeup design house kitchen_clean tile closeup Design House Kitchen Tile_3 Design House Kitchen_clean tile 2 Design House Bathroom_Clean 1 design house_bathroom_clean tile Design House Bathroom_Clean2

Fire Restoration

November 16, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

Here’s a picture of the front of a house in Amherst, VA that had some fire damage.  We’ll work on this job from beginning to end – doing fire clean up and remediation to the reconstruction including framing, electrical, drywall, paint, and all finish trades.  Helps to have a Class A contractors license.  Call SteamWay Restoration if you are in need of help after a fire at your home.

amherst fire

Is There Mold Behind Your Walls?

November 11, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

Look what we found cutting out drywall on a water damage job – lots of black mold!  This is actually quite common, especially in basements where there is more chance of water getting in and higher humidity.  If you’ve seen this in your home, call SteamWay for advice.  We can take a look, point you in the right direction to get it tested (it is a conflict of interest for us to test for mold then offer a bid to clean it for you), and provide you with an estimate if you get a positive mold test.

Pipes Mold

Water Damage Contractors

November 10, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

Water lines that run inside your walls are a common culprit of water damage.  All it takes is a little pin hole and major damage can occur.  Copper pipes are very susceptible to collect mineral deposits that corrode and create a weak spot in the line.  the next thing you know you wake up to water spots in a ceiling or warped hard wood floors.

Of course all this damage can be repaired by a reputable water damage contractor.  The trick is finding a contractor with a good reputation that is honest and will do good work.  Look for a contractor with many years of experience.  It is common for contractors to pop up out of nowhere thinking there is big money handling insurance claims.  Many of these types are in it for the quick buck and don’t have what it takes to stay in business for the long haul.  They either do not know how to handle the wide variety of water damage that can occur, or they are not honest or both.  Either way, they are out of business quickly.

Also look for certifications from organizations like IICRC. Being certified by the Institute of Inspection Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is at least a step in the right direction towards being reputable.

Lastly, ask your friends and business colleagues who they’ve used in the past, don’t just pull a contractor off the internet or out of the phone book.  If a friend has had a good experience with a contractor in the past it is more likely you’ll have a good experience too.

Water Damage 2 FEb 2015 Water Damage 3 FEb 2015

SteamWay Restoration has been in business since 1986.  We help customers with water damage, fire damage, mold remediation and more.  Call us if you have an emergency, or just need advice.  434-845-2636

Mold Before & After

November 9, 2015

By Jerrod Ruhl

Do you have visible mold in your home or business?

Is there a funny odor coming from your basement?

Are you having “allergy symptoms” when you go in certain rooms of your home?

If so it is possible you have a mold problem.

SteamWay is there to help!  We offer free estimates, and free advice.  Call us today 434-845-2636

Summit Mold Before Summit Mold After

SteamWay In House Construction

August 1, 2014

By Jerrod Ruhl

A friend asked me recently how much of our construction work from water damage were we subbing out.  A couple years ago, I would have answered that we were subbing most of it out – but a while back we decided to change things.  We made a decision to keep as much construction in house as possible.  We hired competent carpenters, painters, and other installers to help us jobs done in a timely manner and with a quality finish.  Since making this change it is definitely easier to control our work, which benefits the customers, and in the end SteamWay.

Ronnie TrimMike Cutting

The Water Claw

May 19, 2014

By Jerrod Ruhl

This may look like a guy standing around, but it is actually a SteamWay technician using a water claw to extract water from carpet. His body weight presses the claw deeper into the pile so it can pull more water from the pad. All part of our water damage services at SteamWay Restoration.

water claw