Drying Hardwood Floors

A common water damage loss is that of wet hardwood floors.  Typically a dish washer has a water supply line burst, or a refrigerator ice cube maker has a line with a pin hole.  If the hole is small in the water line, the water may not be visible – it will sneak its way behind kitchen cabinets or soak drywall up and then work its way underneath the hardwood floors.  Usually the home owner says they suddenly noticed a little warping of their hardwood – nothing major – just a slight difference.  They usually wait a day or two and then notice that the warping is worse.  This is when SteamWay gets the phone call.

Fortunately, with the right equipment and head knowledge of how to dry hardwood floors, the situation can be remediated.  Only when hardwood has been wet for long periods of time, like weeks and weeks, does it become irrepairable.  SteamWay has heavy duty commercial grade dehumidifiers to create a very dry environment, and also special hardwood floor drying mats that get floors back to where they should be.  There are commonly other steps that are taken as well, but the good news is that if your hardwood floors get wet and cup or warp, something can be done about it.  https://www.facebook.com/steamway247/

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