Serving Victims of Appomattox Tornado

appo tornado

Most of the remediation jobs we handle are relatively minor, all things considered.  Water damage, no matter the size, rarely involves the loss of life and utter chaos in someones life.  Same goes for most storm damage.  The recent tornado’s in Appomattox are a different story.  Peoples lives are literally turned upside down.   It gives you a different perspective when you’re boarding up a home that has had three quarters of its roof torn off, and contents have been sucked right outside.

After the Tornado came through, SteamWay was there to protect homes from further damage – tarping rooves, boarding up windows, etc.  We also handed out water to home owners and assisted in helping them find items that were missing that were valuable to them.

We don’t have delicate situations like this too often, but when it happens it is especially rewarding to be there for people in such a desperate time of need.

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