Water Damage Tips

As the weather warms up today after the severe cold snap that came through Lynchburg, there will no doubt be many pipes that were once frozen that will now flow freely into walls, under floors and all through houses.

Some water damage will be subtle, just a pin hole that sprays water slowly down a wall and under the floor.  The evidence of the damage may not reveal itself for days to come.

Other water damage will be obvious, and water will gush until the valve behind it is turned off.

Regardless, here are some tips to prevent damage from getting any worse than it already is, and to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Ensure it is safe to enter the damaged area, turn off breakers/power source if necessary
  2. Shut off water source if possible
  3. Remove as much water as possible using a wet-dry vacuum or by mopping and blotting
  4. Wipe furniture to remove excess water
  5. Place furniture on blocks or on aluminum foil
  6. Remove wet contents, clothes rugs, etc from the area so they can be cleaned and dried


  1. DO NOT Use your household vacuum to remove excess water
  2. DO NOT use the electrical appliance while standing on wet flooring or carpet
  3. DO NOT Go into any room where the ceiling is sagging

Feel free to call SteamWay Restoration if you have water damage.  We are a full service water damage remediation company, and can handle the damage from start to finish.  434-845-2636

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